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  • Crystal Medical Systems has tied up with AIRSEP (USA) to market their oxygen concentrator.


Pulse Oximeter Extension

Product Name

Machine End Conn.

Spo2 Extension End Conn.

HP/Philips with Nellcor Female Connector

HP/Philips 12-Pin with HP/Philips 8-Pin Female Connector or HP/Philips 8-Pin Male to 8-Pin Female

BCI/Nellcor Compatible

Mindray 6-pin Plastic connector extension cables

Goldway/Biolight/BPL 5-pin Plastic connector extension cables

Siemens Small Blue Round Connector Single Notch

GE Marquette

Nellcor Oximax DOC-10

Dolphin Digital Pulse Oximetery Extension Cable

Nellcor Oximax-Nellcor Old Technology Adapter Cable

Ohmeda Hypertronic Connector with Nellcor Female Connector


Novametrix Hypertronic Connector with Nellcor Female Connector

Spacelabs Hypertronic Connector with Nellcor Female Connector

Siemens Big Round Connector, 10-pin

GE Marquette, Oximax Technology SpO2 Extension, 3m

GE Marquette, Masimo Tchnology SpO2 Extension, 2.2m

Spacelabs SpO2 Extension, 2.2m

Dareger SpO2 Extension 8-Pin Metal Connector, 2.2m

Nihon Kohden SpO2 Extension, 2.2m

Artema/S&W SpO2 Extension, 2.2m

Criticare 5-Pin Metal Connector SpO2 Extension, 2.2m

Criticare 6-Pin L-Shaped Connector SpO2 Extension, 2.2m

Datascope SpO2 Extension, 2.2m

7-Pin 2-notch Redel connector extension cable for L&T

Nonin 8600 SpO2 Extension



SpO2 Extension Repair Wire with Female Connector & Open Machine end 2.2m


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